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“Big Lou’s is a great place for a change in venue when celebrating a birthday, or any accomplishment. It is home to the 42 inch pizza, yes I said 42 inches.”
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“I’ve been dying to check out Big Lou’s 42 inch pizza ever since I saw it on Man v. Food last year (video clip is at end of this entry.) I finally got around to roping a sizable amount of people to come to help me take on this Behemoth of a pizza. ”
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Flew in from Pittsburgh looking for a good place to eat. Found the best pizza I ever ate! Food is definitely worth the wait. Also enjoyed the hospitality. Staff went above and beyond to make our visit memorable. Don’t miss this place!

Staff was friendly, we were seated immediately and the pizza was served quick, hot and tasty. The server kept coming by and asking us if we needed anything and how was everything. I called the manager,(don’t know if it was Lou himself) and told him how everything was and he said how he appreciated our business. We will be going back…..

Oh and I wanted to add, We had a 20″ pizza, with a couple of sodas and with the gratuity it only came out to about $6.00 each, Now if you think that’s too much, then go and try and find some other place cheaper. Like I said, I will be taking my family to Big Lou’s. Good Pizza.

UPDATE: OK, went back this time in the evening, on a Wednedsay, Parking lot was full but went in anyway. Again we stood in line maybe 2-3 minutes, placed our order the got seated in less than 3 minutes. We got our pizza about 10 minutes later and again the pizza was great, Got the supreme, plenty of sauce, veggies, meats. Everyone was friendly, the waitress came by several times to check on us. So now I have gone at lunch time, and in the evening time, both times everything,everyone was great. So I dont know about the people that complain. Just go there, eat a great pizza and have fun…

Ordered the 10″ BBQ brisket pizza and it was like eight slices of heaven. Usually not a BBQ sauce guy but something about Big Lou’s homemade BBQ sauce had crack-like qualities. The sauce combined with the juicy and delicious brisket, which was piled on and had many crispy end pieces was sensational. I zoned out into a flavor trance all the way through the experience. The pickles they serve with the BBQ pizza enhance the flavor in a very surprising way. Wish I could comment on their more traditional pies, by my limited time in San Antonio combined with my limited appetite forces it to wait for my next visit.

Long live Big Lou’s and the Lujan family!

We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday here for lunch on Dec 29, and everyone had such a great time! One lady, upon even entering the building was warm and friendly. She ended up being our waitress (thankfully) in the back room with all the large parties of people. Even though she was running around helping so many large tables at once, always had a smile on her face. I don’t know why the management doesn’t get her some more help with the large parties as we can tend to be quite demanding with so many mouths to feed at once (we had 10 in our party alone).

We were seated so much quicker than I thought we would and our 42″ pizza came out in no time. Well worth the wait! The boys had eating contests and it was just fun all around. I posted pictures of the boys with the large pizza on facebook and had 25 immediate comments and oohs and aaahhhs.

Food was very good. We split a 20″ pizza between 4 adults & it was just right. While it wasn’t cheap, this is what I consider good, cheap pizza. Just enough grease to make it good. The waiter was really nice and service was fast. They are currently adding on to building so parking was a little odd. Let’s face it, the only reason we drove all the way across San Antonio is because the place was featured on Man vs. Food but it was well worth it.

Big Lou’s pizza is awesome and i dont say that just because i am a normal patron there and its convenient to where i work, i say its awesome because i LOVE pizza and it really is the best around!!! What i really cant stand are these people that get on here and say “well i normally dont write reviews to complain”, well then DONT!! If you dont like the pizza then go somewhere else. Its simple, and who ever says that Big Lou or his staff are “rude” are obviously INSANE!! How often do you go into a restaurant and the owner of the place is working as part of the wait staff and not only that, he shakes your hand and welcomes you in? If Big Lou and his staff are “rude” to you, you more than likely have been rude to them first, and the guy that said the only reason the place is still open is because of “man vs food” is an idiot. Big Lou’s was always busy way before the show ever even aired and it will stay open because its good food and people from all over like it. All in all Big Lou’s is an awesome place for lunch, dinner and AWESOME atmosphere. Keep up the good work Big Lou cause i LOVE IT!!!