I came back from a long night at work and I ordered a pizza and didn’t get it two hours later. Then I waited another hour to get the same pizza, so I went home and thought about how bad the service was. I knew I could do it better and there was nothing like Big Lou’s out there. I did my home work and brainstormed and I even learned how to mop at a friends pizzeria. It wasn’t until the spring of 1999 that I thought of the concept of Big Lou’s.

The idea of Big Lou’s motivated me to research what I needed to make it happen. We found a place on WW White road and started experimenting. We had no pizza experience, but we practiced and practiced until we came up with a recipe that sold out on the first day. We had one customer, I’ll never forget, who asked for a pizza. I gave him a pie with my name and number on the box. He called me back and said “This is best pizza I ever had!”

On Friday May 19th 2000 we opened for business and ended up selling out of just about everything we had. The business was supposed to be just me and my mother, but after that huge response we knew it was alot bigger than just the two of us and we have been growing ever since.

It all started with my mother, volunteer nieces, and me…and my dad on the weekends. Since 2002 we have been winning critical acclaim for our pizza, wings, and just being the best all around neighborhood joint.


We were doing very well and decided to build. I decided that we needed something to really put us on the map, so I called a company in Chicago to get the biggest oven I could and they built an oven especially for my needs. The 37″ pizza was born. We got so much response from the 37″ pizza that I knew we needed to go bigger. I’m a firm believer in re-inventing yourself. So I knew I needed to wow people with the Big Lou’s 42″ pizza. The Big Lou’s 42″ pizza has become so popular that we were recently featured on The Travel Channel’s Man vs Food.